Got company critical and privacy sensitive information?
Keep them in your control with AIRworkspace.

Recognize these information pitfalls?

Loss and leakage of information

Your users download your content via web-based applications and public file-sharing platforms to the local storage of their (mobile) devices. Your risk:

  • unwanted leakage of information due to loss of devices.
  • Or adjusted information is not available for others in the organization.

Latest version information unknown or not found

When nobody knows exactly which version of a file is the last one, you run the risk of working with wrong versions. Result: Taking wrong decisions and being misinformed. When information is unknown or can not be found, recreating content leads to wasted time, wasted resources and unnecessary costs.

Scattered information

The unwanted reality for many organizations is that their information is scattered over various storage spaces. Your content is downloaded on local devices, stored in various public cloud file-sync platforms and shared via third party file transfer platforms. Add the file sharing via various messenger en video conferencing apps and your conclusion is that your data is everywhere, except under your control.

Information takes longer to find and to access

Often is information not readily available. This means that users need to search for the required information. Search queries can take some time as not all information is in one place. Access to information can be hampered through all kinds of obstacles. Result: wasted time, wasted productivity, wasted money.

How can AIRworkspace help my organization?

If you really want to succeed in transforming your organization digitally and let it benefit from technology, it is important to align the three most important key factors: security, workforce and your IT. If your security fails, your workforce and IT suffer. If your IT is not flexible and in full service of the organization, your workforce and the security of your data suffer. If your workforce does not understand or is unwilling to work with your tools, your organization suffers. AIRworkspace helps to align these three factors and create a digital workspace that is fast, secure, easy and familiar. We bring you this digital workspace through a digital-workspace-in-a-box appliance with a fast and easy to use application called WorkAIR that for many has a very familiar interface.


Small, mid-sized and large organizations can use AIRworkspace to store and share securely their company critical and privacy sensitive data from their own controlled server(s).



With WorkAIR internal and external users can find the information they need very fast. They store and share it in an easy and for most also very familiar way, even with parties outside their own organization.


IT infrastructure

The pre-installed and fully protected digital-workspace-in-a-box appliance can be integrated seamlessly in your infrastructure within minutes. Software and hardware work in full harmony.

Protect your data by giving your people an easy but secure digital workspace.

You can set up the most secure IT infrastructure you can design but people are people. If they feel too restricted or do not understand how to cope with the tools they have to work with, they will look for work-arounds. Provide them with a secure digital workspace that gives them the freedom to do their work in a way they are familiar with. Eliminate the need for them to work with tools that will transfer your data to uncontrolled areas. Give them AIRworkspace and stay in control of your data. 

WorkAIR: the fast and easy tool that makes your people and organization happy.

Everbody who works with Windows knows File Explorer. WorkAIR looks like Windows File Explorer, but can do so much more. Get instant information on your files and folders inclusive thumbnails of your photos. Or open and save directly from your Office 2013 and 2106 suite to your Nextcloud or owncloud private cloud.  Unlike file-sync services like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive you store your own information on your own storage server. And WorkAIR does not sync. All your data remains on your Nextcloud or ownCloud server. Read more about WorkAIR.

Video: How WorkAIR works


With these partners we can provide you a secure digital workspace:

Learn more about our AIRworkspace appliance or WorkAIR software